Summer in two places



It is kind of late to be thinking about summer when the monsoon has been strengthening and just a few days from now, the longest Christmas season in the world will start. But the thought of it—those long sunny days, crystal clear waters, talcum sand, and that crisp blue sky—has been on my mind since yesterday, and like a good old song, just won’t stop.

The thought of exploring my files to satiate this summer feels was unthinkable, until I opened a very rarely accessed folder inside the portable visual bank. I looked at each one and found myself immediately recalling one by one how it felt—from the weight of the camera bag, to the art of making do with just a few hours of sleep after a long day of travel.

These two are places I’ve visited quite often. The first is a perfect-cone yet temperamental volcano that is a rather shy one, if I may add a personality to it (as the locals there almost always seem to); the other is a tropical paradise threatened by unbridled commercial tours and increasing pollution.

They were great experiences. The thirst to go out, to explore, and to photograph the country side remain.