It has been 4 consecutive days since I deliberately stayed away from Facebook. Notwithstanding the fact that the social media company has been frequently rocked by privacy issues, this was a really confrontational way of dealing with that fear of missing out head on.

I noticed nothing was happening, nor was I moving forward, what with all the time and resources I put on just to swipe up or down to view and review the news feed. It became repetitive, it became tedious, it became a tyranny of sorts, when I can’t even sleep without looking at the news feed first. I knew this has got to stop.

It is not a perfect nor an ideal way of dealing with this digital addiction to Facebook, but I am starting to feel good about the initial results. No longer do I feel that urge or lingering need to open the app and check the feed even if I checked it just a few minutes ago. The time spent for Facebook has been replaced by reading an e-book using the Google Play Books app, and I like it—like a child discovering a huge library full of books.


I understand that in this connected world, and given the daily use of Facebook in the lives of almost all my friends and fellow workers, totally closing access to it could be counterproductive. That is why I have not deleted my account there. Yes it is dormant now, but it is there, ready to be opened.

And when it does, I am certain I will once again get to see plenty of the same.

2 thoughts on “Fomo

  1. You did the right thing! I also deactivated my account last week because of the same reason, unfortunately after few days, I realized that it affected some apps that are linked to it (waze, office page – i cannot access messages that were sent directly to our Company’s page) so I had to open it again. Now Im trying to find out how I can change my apps/page setting so I can still access it without using my fb account.


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