It is wet season right now in the Philippines, and along with it goes the nice sunny weather that most of the time provides the impetus to travel and take pictures. I can hear rain pitter-pattering on the roof, doubtless this will be a cold night with the air-conditioning even at near 27 degrees celsius.

What this means is that there’s a block of time available to visit images I’ve made before. Essentially, if I’m not taking photos outside, I would find myself taking photos inside the studio. Not that I enjoy one over the other, but tackling studio shoots is a different world wherein one can really control the crucial variables—chief among the light—and replicate if needed.

Maria’s a fashion model, and I got to know of her when I saw her appear in a TV commercial for our Company. As luck would have it, a friend who has been into photography also, asked me to join him in a photoshoot with her.

Fast forward many days later, we booked a major photography studio (manned by competent staff) and maximized the limited time (3 hours, the rental rate was expensive as it was a good studio) available. It was fun, of course, and it was also a refresher of sorts for me, as I’ve been doing landscape photography for quite some time before this. The shift was subtle—yes, it is still photography at the end of the day—but choosing and shaping the output of a strobe needs a different way of seeing things—and skill—to execute even a simple portrait shot.


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