Albay 04: Food and then some

Having a capable smartphone camera undeniably helps a lot in documenting wherever, whenever. All of these images were taken using a smartphone last month, during our visit to Albay. It was hot during the day, but it was also cool after the afternoon showers have dumped their rain. It was also another opportunity to rediscover some menu items that are not usually found—and cooked fresh, at surprisingly low prices—in Metro Manila.
The Service Crew who took our orders probably forgot my name.
After so many months, we’re back to one of our favorite menus: SeaFood Castle.
They are very famous in Albay province, and rightfully so. Their masterpiece is delicious.
Pinangat has been hogging the mind so much that I decided to get fresh fish and have it cooked.
Bicol is also know for its propensity for anything spicy.
Local crafts for the ladies, on sale.
I know it was hotter than 34 degrees.
They have some delicious rice puto on the way to Legazpi.



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