Albay 01: Mayon

Ever the main attraction in Albay, the active Mayon Volcano draws visitors year round. Even during the normally off-peak June to December months, locals and foreigners come and marvel at the sight of that perfect cone volcano.

We were in Legazpi for a few days to celebrate the first death anniversary of my father-in-law. As with every chance to travel—even for just a few days—no itinerary would be complete if I don’t get to use the camera. At that time, we were lucky the normally rainy June still did not give us the thunderstorms that herald the arrival the wet season.


There is this spot behind a small hill where people would usually mill during the afternoon, that I’ve been wanting to go to since 2010. Last month, I finally was able to go there. As expected, it was full and lively, with restaurants sprouting up, giving those who’d want to eat and drink that view. Yet it was also relaxing, for those who’d just want to grab a bottle, walk a few meters to the jetty, and then photograph Mayon’s afternoon spectacle.



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