Albay 03: Sunrise at Legazpi Gulf

A common sight in Philippine provinces that have ports that serve as logistics points for other islands are small ships that can carry cargo to and from different islands. These ships do not normally approach the sophistication of vessels of similar gross displacement as in other countries or in major ports in the county, but for their purpose, they deliver the goods.

I just wanted to meet the sunrise during our second day at Legazpi. My family was still asleep when I opened the windows and saw that it was still dark. I made coffee and waited for a few hours before going outside, certain that it was already bright, and eager to photograph what I can.

The 55-200mm lens is one that I rarely use now ever since I decided to get that 2.8 beast. It has its limitations when paired with a full frame cameras, but for certain uses its compact design and relatively light weight is perfect—like travelling.

The sun shone bright and I can hear the increasing cacophony of sounds coming from the access roads, as well as that blaring radio speaker from where one can hear the morning’s news. I surveyed the pier, and then the one ship anchored at the entrance. It strained my naked eyes as I started to take a shot, taking into account a composition that would simplify things, and then pressed the shutter.

Right then and there the smell of breakfast wafted in the air. It was time to go home, and eat.



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