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Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Last Friday, I finally got to have lunch at Makansutra, Megamall. I’ve been wondering how the Philippine version would fare compared to the one at Singapore, and the lunch last week was indicative of a flavor that includes a dash of local.



Outtakes from Serendra many years ago.

At that time, all I had was my first camera, the Nikon D40 and my first professional lens, the Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8. It felt like I could take a picture of almost anything under the sun or under the moonlight, as the case may be.

I recall it was a bright Saturday afternoon that day. While the whole area was relatively vast, I found myself contained where most of the hum and activities were. People were generally attending to what it was that occupied them. There were families, there were office workers, there were couples dating, and there were photography hobbyists just taking pictures of what they want to.

At that time, DSLRs were selling like Nokias. There was anticipation on as to what model with what features was prophesied to arrive next. Some were well-heeled enough to get some serious photography firepower. Many—like me—though were trying to come to grips with trying to tame the technology and the time that it’ll take to rip one because of sheer options (and the resulting complexity) available.