When I travel, I usually allot and spend time to photograph a landmark of the place. In Batanes, I decided to take a picture of Mahatao Lighthouse.

For those who wonder, Batanes is the name given to a group of islands in the northern part of Luzon. It is so far up north from mainland that it is nearer to Taiwan than the Philippines. Ships going north or south pass Batanes, and in Basco, the largest of the group, there are two lighthouses—one of them is in Mahatao.

At that time, I was very much into long exposures and all the nitty gritty stuff that comes with the impressionistic style of landscape photography. Neutral density filters, ultra wide angle lenses, tripods, and the patience to count the minutes just to get a decent shot where among the things that proved to be the mainstay of the style.

It was quite fun, and it was quite challenging too—there’s no telling what the light will be like until you’re there—but all in all it was fulfilling to be able to communicate in a different visual language.


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