A small boat returns, one Saturday afternoon. The port area in the background is pier one of Manila’s south harbour, which at that time was empty of ships that ferry cargo and or passengers. I did not expect to see the boat come in. We were inside Manila Ocean Park when the boat passed.

I had this early childhood fascination of ships and ocean going cruisers, including battleships and destroyers. There were times when my grandfather’s 3-inch thick book on major ships would occupy my attention for hours on end. Now, three decades later, I can still feel that fascination inside, perhaps just waiting to be opened. That afternoon, it dawned on me that perhaps I was subconsciously taking photos in and out of the south harbour area because of that fascination.

It is a very simple shot—and I wouldn’t be surprised if the inner, and perhaps the worst critic in me—would readily say that it is for deletion. Yet again, this resonated on a more personal level. It allowed me to experience that fascination again which all along there, waiting to be tapped.


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